Cobalt SS/TC PPC Tuner



We're proud to offer the most effective upgrade you can buy:

 BSR PPC Tuner, now for Cobalt SS/TC!

Nothing else even comes close to the ease of this plug-and-play solution:

  • No need to remove your PCM and send it across the nation while your car sits
  • Easy return to stock in minutes for service work, valets, any purpose at all
  • Takes full advantage of the excellent performance your stock exhaust and airbox are able to provide, but works great with mods too!
  • No need for separate boost controller...uses stock boost control system to achieve 22-24 PSI boost
  • More power per dollar increase than any other modification you can make!
  • RPM limiter is raised from 6300rpm to 7000 rpm in first and second gear.
  • Calibrated and updated by YOU using our state-of-the-art Internet tuning portal
Chevrolet Cobalt SS 2.0T 2008
Power figuresoriginalPPCpower:260Hp312Hptorque:353Nm439Nm
Average power increase: 41Hp or 19.2%.
Accelerationkm/hgearorigStage 1%80-12035.14.21880-14048.77.711100-15048.67.710

The rpm limiter is also raised from 6300rpm to 7000 rpm in first and second gear.



Direct-injected turbo engines, like the one in your Cobalt SS, have been available in Europe for years.

BSR has extensive experience with these direct-injected Turbo engines, and they have partnered with Hahn RaceCraft,

the North American leader in Turbo Ecotec technology, to bring you the amazing PPC Tuner!

The PPC® is supplied with a highly developed and sophisticated tuning program.

The PPC® Tuning System is easily installed, and will after a few minutes be provided with a tuning program via the car’s

diagnostic port. If the need to reverse the programming exists, the original can be recalled just as fast.

For reasons of security, the PPC® unit has been designed so that it "marries" itself to the car to which it is first connected.

The price for the PPC unit, including the tuning program and free Internet updates. Updates can be done via Internet...


  All included PPC® Tuning System is supplied complete with all cables, tuning software and a well illustrated manual.

Easy connection Plug the PPC cable into the Cobalt's diagnostic outlet located under the dashboard.

Tune your car Push the button. In just a few minutes your Cobalt is tuned and ready to take off!

Reinstall Stock Program Just as quickly you can reinstall the manufacturer's original settings if you want.

Updates via the Internet The latest software can be downloaded from our database, free of charge.

The software is stored in the PPC® and then you can update your car.  It all takes mere minutes!

MSRP $1199.00  Your cost: only $995.99!

Introductory special for Hahn Cobalt TC customers:  if you've already purchased Hahn components from us for your TC, this purchase qualifies for our NEW customer appreciation program.  Email us for your special pricing!



Hahn 3" CatBack Exhaust and PPC Tuner


Stock is in Blue

PPC Tuner and CatBack Exhaust in Red

50 MORE HP @ 5000 RPM!


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Part Number Description Price
H FS-7015 Complete PPC Tuner System,  Cobalt TC $899.99


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