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Cat Con Option shown

Cut-Out Option shown

The MODpipe Modular Downpipe is simply the most versatile exhaust component available for your Cobalt TC.  It features three easily replaceable modular sections to give you nearly limitless options now, or in the future.  V-band clamps are used at precision, gasket-free connections for ease of installation.

Run a cat on the street, and then swap in a straight pipe for the track.  Want to make some noise?  Try the electric cut-out!  Upgrade your turbo later?  Just replace the head section! Swap sections easily using the V-band clamps included. 

Start with the Base Kit, which already contains the Stock Head Section, Rear Section, and two V-band clamps.  Then add the Mid Section option you want for a complete installation.

Part Number Description Price
H EX-6181 Cobalt TC MODpipe Base Kit:  H EX-6182 head section and H EX-6195 rear section.  Includes two V-band clamps.  Add a Mid Section option (not included) $349.99 now reduced to $314.99!


Head Section Options: featuring our Ultra-Strong Flex

You won't see flex section failures on Hahn downpipes.  Our high-quality stainless steel flex design has evolved from years of experience and thousands of downpipes we've produced.  It features an exclusive three-layer design for maximum flexibility combined with optimal durability.

The MODpipe Base Kit includes the H EX-6182 Head Section, which is also available separately.

These replaceable Head Sections allow you to start with a stock turbo now, then convert to a larger turbo later (these other Head Section options for larger turbos will be available soon).  All you'll need to do is just change out the Head need for a new downpipe when you upgrade that turbo!

Part Number Description Price
H EX-6182 Cobalt MODpipe Head Section: 3" 304 Stainless Steel; short style to fit stock 2008-up TC stock K04 turbo exhaust outlet housing (pictured) $139.99 now reduced to $125.99!
H EX-6185 Cobalt MODpipe Head Section: 3" 304 Stainless Steel; long style to fit Super 16G/20G Turbo (not pictured) TBA
H EX-6187 Cobalt MODpipe Head Section: 3" 304 Stainless Steel; long style to fit GT30R Turbo (not pictured) TBA
H EX-6188 Cobalt MODpipe Head Section: 3" 304 Stainless Steel; long style to fit GT35R Turbo (not pictured) TBA


      Mid Section Options:  Do it your way now, AND later.

Whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it!  Just choose the option you want to start with, and purchase any of the others when you like. 

From left to right above: Straight Pipe, Catalytic Converter, and Cut-Out Pipe (shown with Electric Cut-Out Valve installed).

Part Number Description Price
H EX-6190 Cobalt MODpipe Mid Section: 304 Stainless Steel Straight Pipe, V-band connections $99.99 now reduced to $89.99!
H EX-6191 Cobalt MODpipe Mid Section: High-Flow Metal Matrix Catalytic Converter; V-band connections $199.99 now reduced to $179.99!
H EX-6192 Cobalt MODpipe Mid Section: 304 Stainless Steel Cut-Out Pipe, V-band connections, compatible with H EX-6199 Cutout and others $149.99 now reduced to $134.99!
H EX-6199 Cobalt MODpipe Electric Cut-Out Valve: compatible with H EX-6192 Mid Section Cut-Out Pipe $169.99 now reduced to $152.99!

Rear Section: featuring our innovative SensorChamber

Every installation will use this Rear Section.  It's included in the H EX-6181 Base Kit, and also available separately.

Here's where we really nailed it.  Our new SensorChamber creates a perfect environment for the downstream O2 sensor.  Innovative design and extensive testing has proved that the SensorChamber prevents diagnostic trouble codes (DTC's), and will not set the Check Engine Light (CEL).  You won't have to worry about random CEL's popping up from the lack of a catalytic converter.  This makes your race days (this downpipe is intended for off-road use only) just that much more fun!

A note on 02 sensor placement...

Your car's O2 sensors are super-sensitive, and amazingly advanced little pieces of technology.  Without them, we'd not be able to generate today's superb levels of fuel mileage and power.  But they can't just be shoved in the exhaust anywhere!  The delicate sensor element within is subject to damage if the sensor position is not inherently self-draining.  As illustrated in the diagram above, the sensor must be mounted so that it can drain, in an upper position between 9 and 3 o'clock.  If the sensor is installed in the pipe in a position that does not allow it to drain water condensate and particulate matter, the sensor's accuracy, and ultimately its lifespan, will be adversely affected.  Non-draining O2 sensor positions between 3 and 9 o'clock are where the problems begin.  Beware of amateurish pipe designs that do not take this into consideration!

Part Number Description Price
H EX-6195 Cobalt MODpipe TC Rear Section: Fits all MODpipe versions.  Includes SensorChamber. 169.99

Introductory special for Hahn Cobalt TC customers:  if you've already purchased Hahn components from us for your TC, this purchase qualifies for our NEW customer appreciation program.  Email us for your special pricing!

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