Cobalt SS/TC 3 Stainless Steel CatBack: new LOWER price!


How did we make the most popular exhaust for the high-powered Cobalt...even better?

First, we modified the design to be compatible with ultra-lowered cars.  Then, we added a new Modular design with interchangeable options for street or race use.   Finally, the best part...we reduced the price!

Naturally, we kept our RACE-quality American CRAFTsmanship.  No shortcuts, no compromises...only the best.  Beautifully mandrel-bent from premium 304 stainless tube made in the USA.  Precisely TIG-welded by experienced American craftsmen.   Heavy-duty 1/2" 304 hanger bars keep things where they belong. 

This new Modular Exhaust can be ordered as either a street or race system.  Additional modular options allow you to change it easily from street to track and back again.


Click here to hear the Hahn 3" CatBack in action!

Click here for an exhaust flyby!

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Video with no cat

Street Version

(click for larger views)

  Complete street system shown, with resonator and muffler

   Great looks, perfect sound!

This is an ultra-performance system that also boasts the most pleasing tone available.  It is deep and throaty, not at all 'tinny' or 'raspy'.  Much loved as the best-sounding exhaust available for Cobalt!

We sweated the details extensively, custom tuning the muffler and resonator to achieve the uniquely Hahn tone.  This super-effective combination of resonator and main muffler was created specifically for Cobalt. The result is a sound much loved in the Cobalt community.  It achieves a powerful presence, yet without the excessive noise or interior drone associated with lesser "systems" that use off-the-shelf universal mufflers and no actual sound development. 

An attractive and classy polished 4.5 tip is augmented by the polished muffler and resonator.  High-quality hardware and stainless band-style clamps are included.   Not to be confused with cheap, poor-quality imports that can drive you crazy with excessive noise and short life, this is an American-built system that uses only premium materials and techniques. 

  • Superior sound, no drone or bark, just smooth mellow tone

  • Preferred by Cobalt enthusiasts who've heard them all

  • RaceCrafted in USA by Americans, not a cheap Asian import

  • Modular design for race and street options

  • Proven to support over 500 HP

H EX-1606 For Cobalt SS/TC: The most popular 3" Cat-Back Stainless Steel Exhaust for Cobalt, Modular Street Version $629.99
now only $529.99!


Race Version

(click for larger view)

 Everything for a complete installation

Looking for a lightweight alternative for track days?  This system takes all the great features of our popular exhaust above, but adds simplicity, lower cost, lighter weight, and a wonderfully louder sound!  Its Modular parts easily interchange with our Street version.

Raw, gritty but completely intoxicating sound that accentuates turbo whistle and really lets your boosted Ecotec roar!


H EX-1607 For Cobalt SS/TC:  The most popular 3" Cat-Back Stainless Steel Exhaust for Cobalt, Modular Race Version $399.99

now only $379.99!


Modular Components

These Modular options are available separately to allow swapping out with muffler and resonator.  The ultimate in versatility for a car that sees both track and street!  You can also use our Modular system to convert your exhaust system between different types of Cobalts, as we have every flange option available for 2.2, 2.4, 2.0SC and 2.0TC!

(click for larger views)

  Rear section without muffler

 Resonator replacement tube


H EX-1631 Complete rear section, Cobalt exhaust system: TIG-welded, mandrel-bent 3" 304 SS, includes hanger bars, and polished tip, no muffler $169.99
H EX-1627 Resonator replacement tube TC: fits Cobalt TC and HHR SS; 3-bolt flange $69.99


What's that?  You say you want an exhaust configuration you don't see here?  Email or call for a quote...custom orders are not a problem!

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