Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky 2.4L TurboSystems: LOWEST PRICES EVER!


Tony Williams' Team Solstice and their Hahn-equipped World's Quickest Solstice in Bullrun!

Hahn RaceCraft, the leader in Ecotec TurboSystems, is proud to offer the Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky Total Performance Solution.  The result of years of extensive engineering and testing, we now offer Staged TurboSystems to suit any performance level desired.

  • The most HP per dollar of ANY modification you can make!
  • Increased fuel mileage of five to ten percent
  • Easy installation…as little as six hours for Stage II
  • Dominating zero-to-60 and 1/4 mile times versus other forms of forced induction
  • Supercharger-like torque with outstanding turbocharged top end power...the best of both worlds!
  • More low-end torque than any other TurboSystem
  • Multiple power levels at the flick of a switch with optional Boost Controller
  • Includes H PS-1000 Power Steering Upgrade
  • No need to cut/splice wires and relocate critical components...a true bolt-in
  • Exclusive 'NO-DRILL' Oil Return eliminates need to drill engine block or oil pan
  • Easily expandable for even higher power levels (up to 440 HP) should you thirst for more later
  • Stage II boasts 10% more power than Solstice GXP or Sky Redline
  • As used on GM Racing drift and drag cars
  • Tuned by calibration engineers boasting 20 years tuning experience each
  • Continuously refined and improved since introduction in 2005
  • From the company that has turbocharged Ecotec since 2002
  • Enjoy the benefits that can only come from 20 years of GM turbocharging expertise
  • 12 month, unlimited mileage warranty on system
  • 60 month, unlimited mileage warranty against cracking on turbo manifold

We boast the fastest order fill time in the industry...systems ship in one to two weeks!

Click for TurboSystem Stages II through IV  - including DYNO RUNS! (manual transmission only)

Click for Optional High Flow Catalytic Converter


         Stage 2 TurboSystem (shown with optional heatshield)                 Optional Turbo Heatshield for warm climates



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The "Soul Food" Solstice Breaks the 12 Second Barrier!

2007 SEMA Show Top 10 Tuner Car...read more


UPDATE 2007 - The Soul Food Solstice has run 12.00 at 117 MPH at the track as Bill Hahn Jr. continues development work on the Kappa Platform TurboSystems!  Watch for Bill to break into the 11's soon.

Route 66 Raceway, August 8, 2006 - Bill Hahn Jr. made Solstice history tonight by driving the Hahn RaceCraft Turbo Solstice into the 12's in the quarter mile!  These are the first ever 12 second passes for the new four-cylinder roadster from Pontiac.

Running a 12.77 and a 12.81, this amazing little car was mercilessly beating on the some of the best V8 iron Detroit has to offer, handily dispatching everything from Mustangs to mighty SRT-8's!  An astounded crowd loved the car, calling it everything from 'cute' to 'deadly'.

Having previously run the first ever 14 and 13 second passes for the new Ecotec-equipped Pontiac, Bill then set his sights on the 12's.  His car uses a prototype Hahn RaceCraft Stage IV TurboSystem and clutch, with an otherwise completely stock engine and driveline.  What makes the achievement even more outstanding is that this was performed on standard street tires, no 'slicks' or 'drag radials', and unleaded gas. 

When asked how much the little car had left in it, he said, "We've pulled almost 400HP out of this Ecotec engine on the dyno, which is amazing for a stock four-cylinder.  I think that with some tuning, and better traction, low 12's or even 11's are within reach!"


*Some products listed are legal for sale or use in CA only for racing vehicles which may never be driven on a public highway.


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