SRT-4 Turbocharger Upgrades: NEW lower price!

Super 16G or 20G Turbo Upgrade

While the stock SRT-4 turbo is a neat piece, it is very limited due to its small size and integral construction with the exhaust manifold.  Our Super 16G and 20G upgrades use our extremely proven (we have sold thousands of them!) Super turbo series, exclusively manufactured for us by Mitsubishi Turbo.  Super turbos offer the greatest efficiency and throttle response available, comparing favorably with much more expensive ball-bearing turbos.

During our extensive dyno, track and street development, the SRT-4 Super 16G has punched out 350 WHP, and has netted 12.3 second ET's at 116 MPH on street tires.  With the SRT-4 Super 20G, we've achieved 425 WHP, and 11.8 second, 122 MPH passes at the track with street tires.

We've used all the tricks learned in over eight years of hi-HP development on the Chrysler four-cylinder.  A high-flow, CNC-ported manifold is included, using our innovative design that has been proven to over 600HP.

Stock or aftermarket downpipes bolt right up, as do stock or aftermarket air intake systems.  All the quality hardware you need for a complete installation is included.

Note: The manifold, turbo exhaust housing, and the 02 housing can all receive an optional ceramic coating (pictured) to keep the turbo spooling, keep under hood temperatures to a minimum and also extend the life of the TurboSystem.


Unlike some other low-tech turbo upgrades that use dated T3-T4 designs, this high-tech system retains watercooling of the turbo, a very important aspect for turbocharger longevity in the hot and crowded SRT-4 engine compartment.

Super 16G turbos can be economically upgraded to Super 20G specs should you decide on more power later.

Every Super Turbo upgrade carries a 12 month, unlimited mileage warranty on all components besides the manifold.  The proven manifold design carries a five-year warranty against cracking.

Part Number Description Price
H TU-4050 SRT-4 Turbo Upgrade, Super 16G: includes turbocharger, exhaust manifold, all needed install components $1899.99  now only $1399.99!
H TU-4051 SRT-4 Turbo Upgrade, Super 20G: includes turbocharger, exhaust manifold, all needed install components $1899.99  now only $1399.99!



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