2002-2005 Cavalier and Sunfire, Ecotec Engine

  Ecotec Cavalier and Sunfire TurboSystems



Adam Hahn breaks DEEP into the 10's in his 600 WHP Street Sunfire!

Watch for a detailed feature on this amazing Sunfire soon

Hahn RaceCraft is proud to offer this addition to their long line of Domestic Sport Compact TurboSystems, the Cavalier-Sunfire Ecotec!


Our Ecotec program began several years ago.  Numerous beta prototype cars were built to test and develop these Hahn Ecotec systems.  There is the yellow MBRP Sunfire, winner of a GM Design Award at SEMA 2002.  Cavalier Monster by Trent, the lone Stage I prototype, as all the others are Stage II.  HCI Magazine's Project Ecotec Cavalier.  Of course, our own '03 Cavalier, as built by the skilled Rick Bottom (more...).  Our own '03 Sunfire (more...), the bad boy of the bunch, also a Rick production. GM is currently using our systems on two of their own cars.  One is a killer street-strip Sunfire, and the other is a Saturn Ion AWD rally-type car. GM dynoed that engine (not a stock engine, some airflow improvements) at 250HP with our standard kit on 92 octane.  Higher boost netted 330HP!

The standard rating for this TurboSystem is 235 Hp @ 8 PSI.  We are proud that a stock weight, no options Ecotec J-body can run 12's in the 1/4 mile at the standard boost level of 8 PSI and do it on 92-93 octane fuel.  That makes the turbo Ecotec J-body a great performance value, faster than an SRT-4 for less money!


This complete kit includes:

  • Hahn-Mitsubishi Super 16G Turbocharger (super 20G optional)

  • Oil feed and return lines

  • Turbocharger exhaust manifold

  • Exhaust Downpipe assembly

  • Front-mount Intercooler

  • Intercooler inlet and outlet piping

  • Air inlet system w/ filter

  • Silicone couplers and clamps

  • Blow-off valve (Billet BOV optional)

  • Upgraded Fuel Injectors

  • Hi-volume inline fuel pump

  • BoostFueler Fuel Control Unit

  • All required hardware, wiring, hoses, brackets, and gaskets

  • Comprehensive installation and tuning manual

  • Expert technical support, available every weekday

  • Over 25 years design and racing experience

  • Engineered and constructed by an industry leader, not newcomers

  • 12 month / unlimited mileage warranty

  • FIVE year warranty on exhaust manifold


Standard Boost Level: 8 PSI with 93 octane fuel

Performance at standard boost: 230 HP (crankshaft), approx. 200 at wheels

Intercooler: Hahn Front Mount, 648 cu. in. core volume

Piping: 2 1/4" mandrel-bent

Fuel system: Hahn FICU, injectors and fuel pump

In quarter mile testing at 12 PSI boost, our 3000 lb. Cavalier Attitude show car achieved 12.96 seconds @ 104 mph! This test car was fitted with slicks, the Stage II turbosystem, and an MBRP dual exhaust. As stock Cavalier/Sunfire cars are considerably lighter than this show beauty, we see strong potential for 12 second passes from a stock weight car at the standard boost level of 9 PSI.

The power level achieved in this quarter mile testing at 12 PSI boost was 275 HP (approx. 235 @ wheels), and 100 octane fuel was used.

What you see here was recorded at 9 PSI on 93 octane. It'ss easy to see why this car ran a 12.96 ET at 3000 pounds total weight...the "area under the curve" is massive for a turbo four cylinder 2.2 liter engine. For those of you unfamiliar with that phrase, it refers to how much torque, and therefore HP, is developed at low-to-mid RPM, driving the graph line high well before torque and HP peaks are achieved. What this translates to is a car that does not require excessive RPM to achieve substantial acceleration, which is not always the case on turbocharged four-cylinder applications.

Frankly, this behavior was also evidenced by the way the car 'hits' the dyno as it comes into power. Most of our previous applications were much more dramatic as the car came into boost; indeed, the sudden 'spike' in torque those cars would produce made them seem more powerful than they actually were. In comparison, the Ecotec turbo almost effortlessly accelerated the dyno, with much less 'peakiness' and a much broader power delivery.

H TS-2700 TurboSystem, Cavalier/Sunfire with Ecotec, Stage I - MY 2002 manual transmission only $2620.79

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H TS-2710 TurboSystem, Cavalier/Sunfire with Ecotec, Stage II, includes front-mount intercooler - MY 2002 manual transmission only $3880.79

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H TS-2720 TurboSystem, Cavalier/Sunfire with Ecotec, Stage I - MY 2003 - 2005 manual transmission only $2620.79

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H TS-2730 TurboSystem, Cavalier/Sunfire with Ecotec, Stage II, includes front mount intercooler - MY 2003 - 2005 manual transmission only $3880.79

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