Super 15G: NEW lower price!

Model: TDO4HL-15G-7CM2 

Maximum HP Capacity: 300 

Optimal HP Range: 150-275 

Boost Capacity: from 5 to 35 PSI 

Mounting Flange*: T3 style 

Exhaust Flange*: 3-bolt flange, part number H TZ-7185 

Compressor Inlet: accepts 2 ½” hose 

Compressor Outlet: accepts 1 ¾” hose 

Oil Inlet*: 12 x 1.5mm straight thread 

Oil Outlet: 2-bolt flange, part number H TZ-7190 

Optional water cooling ports: included


Very similar to the turbocharger found in the new Neon SRT-4, except Super 15G is a conventional flange mount turbo, as opposed to the SRT-4 and PT Turbo’s unique but difficult-to-improve integral turbo/manifold assembly.  This unit is a great choice for engines from 1.8 to 2.5 liters if you wish to achieve ultra-fast spool-up and lots of low-end torque.  Features an integral compressor bypass / blowoff valve located within the compressor housing.  The integral wastegate is adjustable and will produce from 4-6 PSI boost.  Higher boost levels can be achieved via the use of a boost controller (sold separately).  Turbine inlet is a T3 style flange.  If desired, housings can be rotated to suit different installed positions.  Carries a 12 month / unlimited mileage warranty.  

*: we also offer a complete line of installation components for this turbo (click here).

H TU-2890 Super 15G Turbocharger Assembly $839.99

NEW lower price!


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