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Super 20G

Model: TDO6H-20G-TDO5H-10CM2

Maximum HP Capacity: 500 

Optimal HP Range: 300-450 HP 

Mounting (turbine inlet)*: T3 style 

Exhaust (turbine outlet)*: 3-bolt flange, part number H TZ-7180

Compressor Inlet: accepts 2 ˝” hose 

Compressor Outlet: accepts 2” hose 

Oil Inlet*: 12 x 1.5mm straight thread 

Oil Outlet*: 2-bolt flange, part number H TZ-7190 

Optional water-cooling ports: included 

Super 20G is a ‘hybrid’, similar in concept to the T3-T4 but vastly superior for street use due to its modern and efficient design.  We use a TDO5H-10cm2 turbine section mated to a TDO6H-20G compressor.  The result is a unit that will support up to 500HP, yet delivers the best low-speed street characteristics available for such power capability.  Like the Super 16G, it’s also a good choice for stock engines that will be upgraded internally later, as it can be run at low boost levels safe for a stock engine (typically 5-8 PSI), then  turned up later after you improve the engine’s internals.  The internal wastegate is super-effective, and can be ordered with your choice of adjustable wastegate actuators (click here).  These actuators are also available separately should you decide to change boost levels in the future.

In the quarter mile with this turbo, we’ve run in the 10's with FWD street cars, high sevens @ 190+mph with our ProStreet bikes.  Even though this represents its outer limit on power, after complete racing seasons of @ 30+ PSI boost runs and thousands of miles of street use, all these turbos needed were $20 worth of bearings to go for another season!

Turbine inlet is a T3 style flange*.  If desired, housings can be rotated to suit different installed positions.  Carries a 12 month / unlimited mileage warranty. 

*: we also offer a complete line of installation components for this turbo (click here).



Part Number Description Price
H TU-2910  

Turbocharger, Super 20G, TD05H-10CM2 turbine, includes 8-10 PSI wastegate actuator (optional 5 & 15 PSI actuators also available)


NEW lower price!


*Some products listed are legal for sale or use in CA only for racing vehicles which may never be driven on a public highway.


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